Abstrakt Sonance 

Working from the small community of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Abstrakt Sonance has crafted beats that have spanned the entire world, including tours in Europe and buyers from all across the globe. Completely self-taught with a background in piano, Abstrakt is known for being innovative and daring with his production - he's never afraid to try new things. His production is described as "high-energy" and "complex". With stirring melodies, powerful pumping basslines and hard-hitting drums, Abstrakt's productions is sure to turn your next project into something more.

Contact westavemanager@gmail.com to purchase!  

Ceald Fate 

Hailing from Kelowna, British Columbia, Ceald Fate is a fully trained and certified Audio Engineer and Music Producer. His sounds reflect years of work pouring over different melodies and important investments made to his sound library. Known for his versatility and experimental sounds, Ceald Fate could be the perfect edition to your next project! 

Contact westavemanager@gmail.com to purchase! 

Keitz Beatz 

Despite being relatively new to the beat makers game, Keitz shows incredible promise and skill. Using a background in music and his formal education in engineering, Keitz puts serious time and energy into every track, utilizing every sound at his disposal to their fullest extent. 

Contact westavemanager@gmail.com to purchase!  

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