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Go ahead and take a look at all the free music we offer to our fans! Many of these tracks are download enabled as well! 

Step One
Make Em Go EP

1.  Start the Party

2. Make Em Go 

3. MC Zulu - Talk Positive (Step One Remix)

Artwork by Michael Shantz
Masters by Merak

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1. Golden Child - Medicin Sick (produced by Abstrakt Sonance)

2. Instant Trouble - Ugly Duckling (produced by Abstrakt Sonance)

3. Mc Bodhi - Relics of Love and Pride (Produced by Ceald Fate)

4. Kit Born of the Realest (Produced by Ceald Fate)

5. Arez - These Days (Produced by and ft Fabric)

6. Repete - Hardknocked (Produced by Abstrakt Sonance)

7. Golden Child ft Sam Bam - See What Life Brings (Produced by Abstrakt Sonance)

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Brad MC ft Ronny Godz
Merak Remix

Abstrakt Sonance 



Sonz of Gunz