Having performed at over 1000 shows through North America, Europe and Asia, Emotionz is becoming known as one of the top party rock mc's in the world. Fusing quick lyricism and soul touching verses with west coast bass thumping beats and a wide range of BPM's. His live set consists of Beatbox looping with samplers, rapping, freestyling, DJ' ing , playing drum machines, dancing and overall bringing a unique experience and energy to the jam. In 2009 producer/DJ Stylust and Emotionz started a label together out of Vancouver, BC called "Sound Vibe Records" and released his solo album titled "Kush". After getting an amazing reaction to the disc from the festival/Bass music crowd they decided to follow up the hype by touring vigorously and also starting a weekly Dubstep night called "Whatevers Dope". Sound Vibe also just released the Kush Remixes album which showcases producers from all around North America dropping there own versions of some Emotionz tunes.

   Emotionz is now working on many projects, including a full length album with Abstrakt Sonance. As well as a few other projects with Mat the Alien, Dan Solo, Knight Riderz, and many more.

    If you in the Vancuover area on a Sunday, make sure to check out his Hip Hop Workshop, hosted at the Facility. Emotionz shares his knowledge, alongside many other rappers, b-boys, and artists of all sorts. 

We are insanely proud, and estatic to have Emotionz as part of the West Ave team! Be sure to check out more releases coming soon from Emotionz!