Recording Artists

West Ave's artists are some of the greatest talents coming up in the underground today. We're not just being flattering here, either. Our artists who we know will keep our fans entertained with both exceptional recordings and unique live performances.


West Ave's producers have a unique blend of personal drive and a strong desire to entertain and impress, our producers hail from all over the globe, but come together with a common goal; to create an unforgettable experience for their fans.

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Having performed over 1000 shows, Emotionz continues to grow into the legend he is. Beatboxer, mc, graf artist, b-boy... you name it, he does it, and does it well! Click on his pic for videos, songs, and to find out more about this talented human.


 The Sons of Gunz are connessuirs of the underground, with a focus more on quality music and showmanship, rather than abrasive and gimmicky novelty acts. Their passion and dedication to the art form translates into an ever-progressing sound: with a global array of influences.  

Day Shaw Voo 

Formed by the collaboration of emcee Golden, one of West Ave's first ever recording artists, and new-to-the-game producer Keatz; Together, they have created a monster that will emerge from the darkness to slay dragons and make sweet love to your ear lobes. Day Shaw Voo is set to do serious damage.


"I am a local horror core artist named Saintanik. People have called me Saint or St for years.  As I got older and started standing up for myself and others, I realized there was just as much good as evil in me. So I collaborated saint and satanic and came up with Saintanik.  Just a ying and yang play on words. I do as much as I can to prove that people that look and act different should not be judged by appearance, music, or personal beliefs alone. "

Abstrakt Sonance a beast of a producer. Known for his haunting melodies and complex electronic production, Abstrakt Sonance is currently working on his fifth studio album! A completely self-taught producer and live performer, Abstrakt is hailed all over the world for his incredible mix of innovation and raw intensity. Having recently performed his first tour of Europe, Abstrakt Sonance is rapidly gaining world-wide notoriety as one of the best in electronic sound.

Dj Thistle

Started as a Jungle/Hip Hop DJ in 1997. Went into promotion in 1999, production in 2000, and then opened a record store in 2001. Invited to Shambahla Music Festival 6 times, won a Red Bull DJ competition, selected for New Music West, a whole bunch of tours, and was an audio instructor at CATO. He even came 2nd in a Provincial Election (he has left politics, not a fun time)

Leo Zen 

....grew up with rock music such as 'Rush' 'Pink Floyd', and got into electronic music when he was in grade 7. As an expert of drum and bass, dubstep and electronic music, Leo Zen brings a modern edge to any room be enters, and leaves the room covered in bass scars when he exits.

Step One

Owner of the world wide online radio station Ryan Aylwin, or better known as Step One has been making anything from moombahton to dubstep and everything in between. Packing floors with top tunes in the electronic scene providign Various different styles to keep you dancing throughout the night including lots of bass to help you get low.


...Producing their own tracks goes hand in hand with their live performance, which can be heard regularly on Prague's FM radio SPIN and can also be seen on the top dubstep parties all around Czech Republic. Since 2011 they are also part of the DUBSTEBLOG family; the biggest dubstep crew in the region. Their releases such as "Procrastinator" (ft. Dirty Little Toaster) and "Guntakal" have received positive recognition and established WOOSTEP as an important part of the Czech progressive EDM scene...


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Ceald Fate the primary Mixing and Mastering Engineer at West Ave Productions. Growing up as an emcee and producer himself, Ceald Fate knows what it takes to get the perfect sound every time. Every album we produce goes through him before hitting your ears, so he's the one to thank for making them sound so epic.

Mastering: $ 50 a song
Mixing: $300 a song

Prices Negotiable
Better Rates for more songs/full albums

Harry Monson

Harry is the cream of the crop when it comes to sound for bass music. His prices are ridiculously reasonable, so let us know if you want to step up you sound to that next level!

Mastering: $ 50 a song
Mixing: $200 a song

Prices Negotiable
Better Rates for more songs/full albums